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This Week’s Readings


Though we’re coming up fast on the holidays, there are still lots of events going on this week, including: Junot Diaz & Julie Otsuka, NYer cartoonist Victoria Roberts, the Moth StorySLAM, and a book launch for My Apocalypse.

Also: I have an excellent BookStalked interview I’ll be posting later this week (Thursday or Friday), so be sure to check back!

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This Week’s Readings

Continuing my tour of the literary blogosphere:

Two of the friendliest and most delightful bloggers I’ve met thus far are Gabrielle Gantz and David Gutowski. They are my fave people to attend readings with, as they always know much more than I do about the book, author, publicist, editor, etc. I am constantly amazed by their extensive knowledge of the literary scene and literature in general.

Gabrielle is a book publicist and runs the blog The Contextual Life, which features writeups of literary events, book reviews, author interviews, podcast suggestions and more. David runs the site Largehearted Boy, in which he mixes music and literature—for example, asking authors to provide playlists for their books. He also hosts Largehearted Lit, a monthly reading series that features writers and musicians. (Read more via my Largehearted Lit post here.)

Both have recently started a site called Book Boroughing, which includes an extensive literary events calendar, as well as interviews with book-related folk and reading writeups. This site has become my primary source for figuring out my top picks o’ the week, so if you’re ever looking for options, this is the place to go.

Speaking of my top lit picks:

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