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Pen Parentis with Julia Fierro, Mira Jacob, David Gilbert, and Jess DeCourcy Hinds


The first thing you notice when you enter a Pen Parentis reading is the wine. There is a LOT of wine.

Which to me signals a wonderful time. After chatting with M.M. De Voe, founder of the series, it became clear that these events are meant to be rather festive—and friendly. M.M., a parent herself, started Pen Parentis after realizing the unique challenges that writer/parents face: juggling writing/kid responsibilities, the difficulties going away for residencies or tours, and the fears that if they write about parenting, they might be deemed mommy (or daddy) bloggers. 

On Tuesday night, in a posh space within the Andaz Hotel, four parents gathered to read from their works. I had originally envisioned this as a short post, but everyone’s stories (read and/or related) were just too good not to share…

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This Week’s Readings

MONDAY: Megan Abbott (THE FEVER) in convo with Chelsea Cain (ONE KICK). [The Strand]

TUESDAY: Pen Parentis Literary Salon kicks off their twelfth year with Julia Fierro (CUTTING TEETH), Mira Jacob (THE SLEEPWALKER’S GUIDE TO DANCING), and David Gilbert (& SONS). [Hotel Andaz]

WEDNESDAY: Book launch for PARIS NEW YORK by Fred Stein, with Fred’s son Peter Stein and granddaughter Katherine Freer. [Powerhouse]

THURSDAY: Bridgett M. Davis (INTO THE GO-SLOW) in convo with Tayari Jones (SILVER SPARROW). [Community Bookstore]

Coming up: The BKBF approacheth! I’ll be helping to cover it for Tumblr, starting with the bookend events next week. So many to choose from! 

This Week’s Readings (and some vacay pix)


I’m back from Montana! Good lord, it’s beautiful there. There are the lush forests, mountains, and rivers, of course, but the hot springs and geysers also make for some crazy, moon-like landscapes. Here are some pix from my stay in Big Sky:

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Join us on August 11 at 8pm for a special Indie Press Night, featuring innovative authors PAULA BOMER (Inside Madeleine, Nine Months), MICHAEL KIMBALL (Galaga, Big Ray), JAMIE IREDELL (I Was A Fat Drunk Catholic School Insomniac), BRIAN ALLEN CARR (The Last Horror Novel in the History of the World), and ANDREW DUNCAN WORTHINGTON (Walls)!  For more information, please check our Facebook event page

Alas, life’s too crazy today for me to post a full This Week’s Readings. However, if you’re free tonight, head to Franklin Park for INDIE PRESS NIGHT, which promises to be an excellent time. 

This Week’s Readings


MONDAY: Actor Vanessa Redgrave will read from Michelle Zackheim’s LAST TRAIN TO PARIS and moderate a discussion with the author. [McNally Jackson]

TUESDAY: Manhattan Release Party for Sean Michaels' debut novel US CONDUCTOR. [KGB]

WEDNESDAY: Release party for RAYMOND PETTIBON: TO WIT, with Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon. [Strand]

THURSDAY: Kate Zambreno (GREEN GIRL) in convo with Jenny Offill (DEPT. OF SPECULATION).  [Center for Fiction]

This Week’s Readings

MONDAY: Book launch for THE SIXTEENTH OF JUNE by Maya Lang, in convo with David Gilbert (& SONS). [Strand]

TUESDAY: Aaaand another book launch for Megan Abbott’s THE FEVER. [BookCourt]

WEDNESDAY: Joint event with authors Megan Abbott (THE FEVER), Julia Fierro (CUTTING TEETH), and Anna Godbersen (THE BLONDE). [WORD]

THURSDAY: The Moth StorySLAM (theme: Breathless). [Housing Works]

FRIDAY: Happy weekend!