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BookStalked: Victor LaValle

Publishers Weekly recently named Victor LaValle’s The Devil in Silver as one of the top ten books of 2012. I caught Victor at BookCourt last summer, and he was a completely mesmerizing reader. Granted, the book has a fair amount of suspense: A seemingly sane man named Pepper finds himself in a psychiatric ward due to hazy circumstances. He’s soon stalked by a bison-headed monster who roams the halls at night. Pepper pairs up with several other inmates to kill the creature — but given its mysterious nature, is that even possible?

Though the book has an eerie setup, it’s far from being a simple horror story. Victor weaves in questions about race, faith and personal demons, and critics have deemed the work “striking,” “dizzying,” and “extraordinary.” I was delighted that Victor agreed to share some tales of his readings, which range from the creepy to the absurd — after the jump.

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