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BookStalked: Jennifer Armstrong

Jennifer Armstrong is kind of my hero. Not only did she co-found a kick-ass feminist website (Sexy Feminist), she’s also become the expert on certain pop-cultural touchstones. Her first book explored the early days of The Mickey Mouse Club, and she’s currently working on a biography of the amazingly progressive Mary Tyler Moore Show. (Which, I may add, she got me totally hooked on—I’ve even written for her MTM blog!) Jennifer and her Sexy Feminist co-founder Heather Rudulph are also writing a book called The Feminist Bombshell (watch out for it in 2013). Jennifer also teaches writing classes at Gotham. AND she’s in a band. (Damn!)

Despite her busy schedule, Jennifer was kind enough to answer my BookStalked questions. Read on for some fascinating (and touching) tales about a VFW book signing, Disney power couples and feeling like you’re finally where you’re supposed to be.

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This Week’s Readings

Good Monday all. I’m a bit sleepy after a fun late-night Mary Tyler Moore screening (my friend Jennifer Armstrong is writing a biography on the surprisingly progressive 70’s show) but am still preparing to hit up a talk tonight: What Is the Future of the Independent Bookstore? Jonathan Ames (HBO’s Bored to Death), Simon Van Booy (Everything Beautiful Began After), Sarah McNally (of McNally Jackson Books) and Zack Zook (of Book Court) will discuss with lit agent Eric Simonoff. (Somehow the chance to see Sarah McNally is blowing my mind the most right now. Such a NY bookstore institution!)

A quick update: I was asked to guest post for Stuff Hipsters Hate, so be sure to check back for a link later this week!

As for readings this week, read on…

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