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This Week’s Readings


MONDAY: Maggie O’Farrell (INSTRUCTIONS FOR A HEATWAVE) in convo with Courtney Sullivan (THE ENGAGEMENTS). [McNally Jackson]

TUESDAY (Updated): I heard from a few sources that Gary Shteyngart was to be at KGB, but alas, it’s not to be. Thankfully, there are lots of great readings going on Tuesday, including Susan Choi discussing her newest novel, MY EDUCATION. [Greenlight]

WEDNESDAY: Book launch for Michael Paterniti’s THE TELLING ROOM. [PowerHouse Arena]

THURSDAY: SEX, LOVE AND THE NOVEL with Adelle Waldman (last week’s BookStalkee!) Emily Cooke, David Haglund, Parul Sehgal and Kate Bolick. [Housing Works]


This Week’s Readings

Happy almost-Thanksgiving! I’ll be flying back to Wisco on Wednesday, and it should be an especially fun holiday. The New York contingent of my fam will be joining the usual crew (parents, grandparents, uncle and gf). So there will be a whole lotta Hungarians, all of whom love to eat and drink.

If you’re looking for a lit hit before the holiday, check after the jump for a Jami Attenberg reading and a Gary Shteyngart roast, along with mini-writeups on the Moby-Dick Marathon and Tumblr Prep event! 

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What I Read on my Summer Vacation

Hello friends! After ten days of lounging in the Midwest, I’ve returned to bustling Brooklyn. Still getting back in the Book Stalker swing of things, but rest assured I’ll return to writing up readings next week. In the meantime, I thought I’d share the books I read over my vacation, all of which I’d recommend for summer reading (be forewarned, though—they’re not exactly light beach fare).


Holy man. After finishing this book I felt like I’d been run over by a Mac truck.

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Writings and Readings

Happy Post-Rapture! We’re still here, hurray!

Oh man, last week was such an epic reading fail. On Friday I found myself walking back in forth in front of the Tenement Museum in a semi-hungover fog, sadly wondering why the door was locked and where Francine Prose and everyone else was. Turns out: the time was different than originally reported in Timeout. Book Stalker tip: always double check that shizz.

Anyhow, moving ahead into this week…

READINGS (emphasis on, per last week’s fail):

MONDAY: Rock journo Rob Sheffield explains which songs most affected his love life in Talking to Girls about Duran Duran. Paging Rob Gordon…

Also, this gushy article kinda horrified me, but if you’re interested in seeing the infamous Jon-Jon Goulian and maybe trying to work your way into the lit elite, check him out.

TUESDAY: Pulitzer-Prize winner Stacy Schiff, author of Cleopatra, at 92nd St Y, if you have the funds ($29). Otherwise…Anthony Bourdain?

WEDNESDAY: Let’s throw an experimentalist into the mix: Lynne Tillman will read from collection Someday This Will Be Funny, along with Paula Fox, a writer recently given a shoutout by J-Franz.

THURSDAY: Jim Shepard! I’ve been wanting to see homeboy for awhile, AND he’s reading at 192 Books, which I have not yet frequented…BUT my cousin’s graduation dinner calls. Someday, Jim. Someday.

FRIDAY: A weirdly slow day. If you hear of anything, tweet it at me, yo.


Spend a little more time with wild/crazy Gary Shteyngart.

NYT book review editor interviews literary scholar/superstar Harold Bloom.

I just started reading QueryShark—it’s a highly entertaining blog. Even if you aren’t writing an actual query letter, it offers a lot of no bullshit advice for tightening your writing.

This week’s plan: check starting times, avoid hangovers and actually make it to a damn reading.

OH and I should have an exciting announcement later this week. Check back!