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This Week’s Readings

MONDAY: Yay, George Saunders (TENTH OF DECEMBER). [Bookcourt, offsite]

TUESDAY: The Debutantes: Six Women Writers Discuss First-Time Publishing with Jen Doll, Kathleen Hale, Ariel Lawhon, Lindsey J. Palmer, Susan Rieger, and Helen Wan. [Housing Works]

WEDNESDAY: Leslie Jamison (THE EMPATHY EXAMS) in convo with Michelle Orange (THIS IS RUNNING FROM YOUR LIFE). [McNally Jackson]

THURSDAY: Brooklyn Book Launch for BOURBON: A HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN SPIRIT by Dane Huckelbridge. [Powerhouse]

FRIDAY: Enid Harlow (GOOD TO HER, a Prohibition-era historical novel). [Bluestockings]

Also, check out Kate Gavino’s (Last Night’s Reading) Instagram for some awesome drawings from Sunday’s Downtown Literary Festival.

Finally, this article made me feel a bit better about the world.

This Week’s Readings

MONDAY: LA on the Hudson: A Night of Readings will feature Jim Krusoe (Iceland), Dylan Landis (Normal People Don’t Live Like This), and Janice Shapiro (Bummer and Other Stories). [BOOKCOURT]

TUESDAY: Celebrate Springsteen Night with authors Marc Dolan (Bruce Springsteen and the Promise of Rock ‘n’ Roll) and Caryn Rose (Raise your Hand: The Adventures of an American Springsteen Fan in Europe). Free Sixpoint beer, holla. [WORD]

WEDNESDAY: John Kenney (Truth in Advertising) will chat with Jami Attenberg (The Middlesteins). [GREENLIGHT]

THURSDAY: Photographer and filmmaker Bill Hayward will discuss his latest book, Bad Behavior, with Coffin Factory editor Laura Isaacman. [HOUSING WORKS]

FRIDAY: Musician Ian Svenonius (The Nation of Ulysses, The Make-Up Chain and the Gang) will share tips on forming a kick-ass band from his book True Rock ‘n’ Roll Secrets Revealed. [LE POISSON ROUGE]

Andy Selsberg

Perhaps you can claim finesse at some of the following activities?

  • Shaking your fist in the air
  •  Complaining about while contributing to a lack of diversity
  •  Knowing whether the bar bathroom door is locked or just hard to open
  • Pretending to be overly proud of friends who run the Marathon
  • Vowing to “get back there someday”
  • Swearing you’ve only had one glass of wine
  • Flinging things

Last night I attended the BookCourt release party (complete with cans of Modelo!) for Andy Selsberg’s You Are Good at Things, a book that lists “all the skills that don’t pay the bills” but that do deserve some appreciation.

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BookStalked: Courtney E. Smith

Last fall I covered Courtney’s BookCourt event for the release of her book of music-related essays, Record Collecting for Girls. One of the things I noticed about Courtney was that even though she obviously knew way more about music than most, she never veered off into snobbery. In fact, she even read from her “guilty pleasures” chapter (which includes musings on the Pussycat Dolls). I totally admire Courtney for thriving in the still-mainly-male music industry—not to mention her mad music journalism skills and her ability to help discover/break new bands (Death Cab, Vampire Weekend, Justice). After the jump, Courtney shares some of her book touring tales, which include reading for her grandmother’s bridge club, discussing The Smiths with a cover band member, and feeling really bad for a certain children’s book author.

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Ellen Ullman and Maud Newton

Most of us take it for granted—knowing about our bloodline and family history. What if that information was cut off from us? How would it affect us, and would we attempt to track it down?

At BookCourt on Thursday night, novelist Ellen Ullman and literary blogger Maud Newton discussed the topic of origins. Ellen is also a computer programmer, and much of her previous writing has focused on the precarious relationship between man and technology. Her newest novel, By Blood, turns to another subject: where our own inner mechanisms come from.

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