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Happy Holidays!


I was going to post my latest BookStalked interview today, but since people are traveling, mentally checking out, etc., I’ve decided to use it to kick off 2013. What are your holiday plans? I’m heading out to Milwaukee on Sunday (after a Saturday spent drinking wine and watching the Girls screener — hurray for friends in media!). The books I’m bringing along include: Moranthology (Caitlyn Moran), Fun Home (Alison Bechdel) and The Righteous Mind (Jonathan Heidt). I might also bring one of several books I picked up at the City Opera Thrift Shop, which has a great selection of used books. (I bought Zelda for $2!)

Safe travels to all, and have a happy New Year! 

This Week’s Readings

Hello! Man, it’s crazy that I haven’t posted in the last two weeks. Life in NY is never slow, but recently my busy sched has prevented me from going to as many lit events as I’d like. Because of this I’ve been wondering if I should expand BookStalker content in some way (more personal posts? book reviews? guest posts?). Hmm. Not sure. If you have any feedback/suggestions, please hit me up!

Also! I will be reading in the glorious first-ever-in-NY Moby-Dick Marathon, which will include tons of NY-based authors (Jonathan Ames, Lev Grossman, Touré, etc.). I’ll be reading Saturday, Nov 17 at about 10 pm. Which is good because 1. Molasses Bookstore sells beer and 2. Bushwick is a great nabe to hang out in on a Saturday night.

As for this week’s top readings, there’s a lot to choose from, including Alison Bechdel, Nick Hornby, and Beth Bosworth.

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