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This Week’s Readings

Happy almost-Thanksgiving! I’ll be flying back to Wisco on Wednesday, and it should be an especially fun holiday. The New York contingent of my fam will be joining the usual crew (parents, grandparents, uncle and gf). So there will be a whole lotta Hungarians, all of whom love to eat and drink.

If you’re looking for a lit hit before the holiday, check after the jump for a Jami Attenberg reading and a Gary Shteyngart roast, along with mini-writeups on the Moby-Dick Marathon and Tumblr Prep event! 

The Moby-Dick Marathon this weekend was a blast! Props to Amanda and Polly for making this enormous three-day event run super smoothly. I read parts of Ch 87 and 88 and learned some interesting facts about whale tails and spouts. I was amazed at how packed Molasses Bookstore was — apparently there are a lot of Moby Heads out there.

The Tumblr Prep event last week was also awesome! I’m of course a huge fan of my friend’s Fake Science 101 Tumblr and book, and I also got pretty into Michelle Legro’s Powerpoint presentation based on My Daguerrotype Boyfriend. Her blog is completely addictive, and it’s clear she’s passionate about the subject (I mean, yeah). Jen Adams read from her collection The Books They Gave Me (great holiday gift for book-lovers!), and Jason Oberholtzer (I Love Charts) shared some hilarious charts and graphs.

Oh, and there was a high school-style photo booth. Where this happened. Which I think might literally be my favorite pic of all time.

As for events:

MONDAY: Jami Attenberg (The Middlesteins, which is getting tons of deserved praise) and blogger Maris Kreizman at Greenlight. 

TUESDAY: A Gary Shteyngart roast at BAM. Um, yes please.