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This Week’s Readings

I’m a bit late on my listings this week—and I blame Murakami.

Reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle has not only become an obsessive pursuit, the likes of which I haven’t experienced since The Hunger Games (well, at least books 1 and 2)—it’s similarly a bonding experience for all who’ve gone through it. Friends, coworkers, the checkout guy at the Strand—everyone nods knowingly when they hear. Many offer advice. My favorite came from a friend in response to my exclaiming how freaking nuts the book is progressively getting: “Don’t try to figure out what’s going on or what will happen next. Just go with it.”

I’m also curious to know more about the “big differences” between the English translation and original Japanese version—but too scared to google in case I happen upon a spoiler. Anyhow, I’m still amazed at the disturbing and intriguing world that Murakami creates, arising from the seemingly innocent incident of a couple’s cat going missing.

But do not fear, I will put Chronicle down long enough to hit up one of the great READINGS for this week:

TUESDAY: I’ve been wanting to check out Largehearted Lit for awhile, a series that pairs readings with music. This month it will focus on fatherhood and feature Greg Olear (Fathermucker), John Sellars (The Old Man and the Swamp) and singer-songwriter Jenna Torres.

WEDNESDAY: Okay, Wednesday’s a bit overwhelming. I can’t decide on my fave so I’ll just share them all:

Kelly Link, Felix Gilman, Naomi Novik and Lev Grossman speaking on “Why Fantasy Matters.” 

The Happy Ending Music and Reading focuses on: FRUSTRATION. Featuring Seth Fried (The Great Frustration), Paul La Farge (Luminous Airplanes), Jesse Ball (The Curfew) and musical guest Anni Rossi.

McNally Jackson will host Best American Travel Writing, featuring Sloane Crosley, Ariel Levy, Emily Witt and Andre Aciman.

Chuck Klosterman (Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs,The Visible Man) at Public Assembly. (Also at B&N on Thursday!)

THURSDAY: Sophie Blackall! I love her Missed Connections illustrations. The launch party for the book will feature audience members sharing their own MC tales. (Someone better write a MC for the MC party, cuz that will just be meta.)

Also, Helen DeWitt (Lightning Rods) and Sam Lipsyte (The Ask) will chat at McNally Jackson!

FRIDAY: Erica Wright (poetry editor at Guernica Mag) reads from her newest poetry collection, Instructions for Killing the Jackal, at Bluestockings (another place I’ve been wanting to check out).

Enjoy your week!