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This Week’s Readings (and some vacay pix)


I’m back from Montana! Good lord, it’s beautiful there. There are the lush forests, mountains, and rivers, of course, but the hot springs and geysers also make for some crazy, moon-like landscapes. Here are some pix from my stay in Big Sky:

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Join us on August 11 at 8pm for a special Indie Press Night, featuring innovative authors PAULA BOMER (Inside Madeleine, Nine Months), MICHAEL KIMBALL (Galaga, Big Ray), JAMIE IREDELL (I Was A Fat Drunk Catholic School Insomniac), BRIAN ALLEN CARR (The Last Horror Novel in the History of the World), and ANDREW DUNCAN WORTHINGTON (Walls)!  For more information, please check our Facebook event page

Alas, life’s too crazy today for me to post a full This Week’s Readings. However, if you’re free tonight, head to Franklin Park for INDIE PRESS NIGHT, which promises to be an excellent time. 

This Week’s Readings


MONDAY: Books Beneath the Bridge: Celebrate the release of Kate Bernheimer’s newest collection: HOW A MOTHER WEANED HER GIRL FROM FAIRYTALES. With Genevieve Valentine (THE GIRLS AT THE KINGFISHER CLUB). [WORD, Brooklyn Bridge Park]

TUESDAY: Launch for Lev Grossman’s THE MAGICIAN’S LAND. With fellow fantasy writers Michelle Hodkin (the MARA DYER trilogy), Lauren Oliver (BEFORE I FALL and the DELIRIUM trilogy), Margaret Stohl (BEAUTIFUL CREATURES), Erin Morgenstern (THE NIGHT CIRCUS), and Lev’s twin brother Austin Grossman (SOON I WILL BE INVINCIBLE, YOU). [Greenlight, St. Joseph’s College]

WEDNESDAY: Launch for Joshua Wolf Shenk’s THE POWER OF TWO. With editor Eamon Dolan of Eamon Dolan Books. [Powerhouse]

THURSDAY: The Weeklings Live with Elissa Schappell, Nelly Reifler, Diana Spechler and the Editors. [Housing Works]

FRIDAY: Happy weekend!

Edan Lepucki

Well this is a heartwarming lit tale: Edan Lepucki’s novel CALIFORNIA debuted at #3 on the NYT bestseller list, after Stephen Colbert showcased it as a way to fight back against Amazon’s recent tactics against Hachette. When on the show, she, in turn, bumped Stephan Eirik Clark’s SWEETNESS #9.

I haven’t yet the book, but it sounds fascinating: in a post-apocalyptic LA, a pregnant couple who’s been surviving in the woods decides to return to (a potentially dangerous) civilization. Last Wednesday, Greenpoint’s WORD hosted the book’s Brooklyn launch. Edan’s hilarious, self-deprecating, and straightshooting Q&A answers made me like her even more.

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